Tarot Models

When we are not satisfied with an area in our lives, our task is to make it better. But sometimes we get confused in the course of summoning change. More problems arise than ever before as we start perceiving everything at the same time: what occurred; who we are; and what we would like…

The Tarot is a tool that sees the underlying order of our choices, it speaks the language of our individual creation. Through this it is also able to prompt us to embracethe paths toward our ever awakening intentions.

The Tarot reveals to us how to refine our personality, how to improve ourselves, what is the correct attitude, where to invest energy or what is sensible. The operating principle is not different from what we have used it for, only the question is different:

What can we do in order to bring our intentions to life?

Tarot Modeling for Co-creation is much more complex than being able to know all about it. The followingdemo model was created to have a taste what it is like to be fully aware of the fact that we are in continuous creation, and that we can constantly improve the experiences on our timeline.

  1. Chosen Experience: there is no card drawn(or there is a conscious card choice); we ourselves appoint it. This can be a task to improve something; or something that we would like to feel good about; or an intention that we work on to bring it to life, etc.
  2. Wisdom: in what ways we can or do draw strength from the events of the past.
  3. Ability: it hints at the correct attitude; at expressing an action that supports evolution. It needs to be strenthened.
  4. Experience: present conditions
  5. Focus: as we are able to approach our chosen experience, it connects us with our ideas, it helps to shape them to be real. It is a significant connection point between 1. and 4. If we apply it, change occurs in our vibrations.


Preceding history: a woman has a serious, valid trust issue.

She would like to feel good within her relationship,throughout all her life she has been longing for stable trust, and for joy and freedom that stem from it.

She was looking forthe way, having made numerous mistakes, however with time, she has found what she wanted to achieve and how, moreover, she has understood exactly in what kind of relationship she can be happy. This is still showing her the way.

Currently, she is very much working on to establish her life on new foundations and on accomplishing her dreams. The Tarot highlights this card because her plans encounter an obstacle in her private life. This, in consequence, amplifies an old, undiscussed problem, where a side has not been taken before.

It’s important that she should invest as much into the relationship as she feels. She is not to pull out of it, but she shouldn’t give more than the other party. The woman would give the whole world to the man, however a part of this energy should rather be re-grouped for the sake of progress.

She is to develop the masculine patterns within her being. How does it feel when the man standing next to us has good discernment? One who is fair, with a clear standpoint, taking decisions that provide us with the sense of safety? Where does it uplift our feminine side? How do we react to it? Focus requires profound inner work. The modeling brings us closer to the understanding of the situation. Transformation can begin with the ability and focus cards, the essence of the chosen experience can be summoned, and this opens the gates of fulfillment.)