Tarot and Conscious Co-creation

A new approach: Creation-oriented concept of Tarot

The energy that connects the spirit of Tarot todivination, was gradually amplified during the course of a few hundred years.It is difficult to ignore this when we take the cards into our hands. Why would we say, „Let’s leave out the part about the future, I’ll rather dream it to myself”, when this is the most exciting part of the whole thing?Doubt would struck us, and we would think: what if, after all,the Tarot would have given us a good prognosis, and now we cannot realize our dreams?What a dilemma, right? I know that at first, it’s quite strange to think consciously about our future, since we haven’t been used to it, we don’t even know for certain if we even have the “right” to it. What is the guarantee that our intentions would manifest with time? And why not use the Tarot for what is possible: among other things, for example,to explore tendencies?

If we think about it in a deeper way: isn’t it strange that weactuallydo perceive the past and present, butthe future brings what it brings? We simply have not known this way of perceiving the future, in the meantime the past has gradually been forgotten, and in the present it is difficult to hold ourselves in this way. However, when we start to listen to and understand our thoughts in relation to everything, then we get to unravel our subconscious on an ever deeper level, then we are getting closer and closer to our true essence, then our consciousness becomes brighter, and it dawns on us more and more, where we came from, and the certainty of where we choose to go, gets stronger.

Tarot Modeling for Co-creation is the very practicing of this certainty while starting to realize who we really are.

I am inviting You with these thoughts to experience what it feelslike when You are the one who setsthe potentials of your life for the Tarot. How does it feel when at last you acknowledge your own creator nature?