Birth of the method

For many years,whenever I took the Tarot into my hands, I was longing for the feelings of freedom, limitlessness, and oneness with self, to become more profound. I wanted space for what was important to me, and did not want to be afraid of a contingent occurance of some event.


Every tendency that points forward is the consequence of our present attitude, thus the classic cards thatindicate the future also allude to our present dealings.For that very reason it is worth for us to define where we would like to go, and use the Tarot for assisting this process.


Something that was said during a Kryon channelling in 2007, reinforced this direction within me:


„Cross another bridge with me and pay attention to that tarot spread, which some have said is the work of the devil. You lay cards out and somehow they’re going to tell you what to do? Isn’t that fortune telling? No. That’s not what it is. Tarot has nothing to do with telling the future. Listen: If you are only hearing this for the first time, let me tell you what this is. The tarot spread is a beautiful, intuitive way of straightening out the chaos for a moment, just for a moment, so you may see some of the things in your life through this system that helps you understand your energy better. Again, it shows you what the intellect does not know. For it reveals the energy of vibration within the system we are talking about.”

– Kryon (The Lightworker’s Handbook, Lesson Three,



Thereafter, day after day, I drew more and more from this Tarot idea, and that subsequently opened up unexpected concepts before me. I believe that this system can be learned for eternity as the Tarot symbols keep revealing something new of themselves day after day.

Currently, there is a Tarot card deck and book being preparedfor Tarot Modeling for Co-creation.This will, in detail, present the potential uses of this system, that has been aligned with the new energies.