Focus Setting

A question comes upon numerous occasions, when we think of taking responsibility for our creation, namely, „I didn’t want this, I didn’t think of this… then how could it happen?” Remember that the experience connects us to what we do not see, but if we saw it, we would start working on it right away. We can be grateful because we always have the potential to connect to our essence – which is also the treasury of our earthly life history –on a deeper level.

Tarot Modeling for Co-creation is a tool for Tarot use that supports the individual in a more profound understanding of their reality, and it gives points of reference for calling into being our constantly awakening intentions. Focus Setting means that the Tarot is able to indicate those perception pointsin our awareness where, with approppriate concentration of our attention, we can open most effectively to our potentials that have been waiting to find a way to us.

In this part of the story we can be part of a truly special and exciting experience, as the symbols on the Tarot cards, without exception, start to show a completely different facet of themselves. How can a negative card turn into an indicative one? In what way can we interpret the system that has explored our potentials, but now it is shaping those very potentials?


Drawing a card

Albeit there is a difference between the complexity of a Tarot Model and simply drawing one card, it is still perceivable how this wonderful system of symbols is able to guide our attention.You will find the Focus Setting button in the bottom of each page. With appropriate attunement you can draw a cardabout your chosen experiences, by clicking the button.



Think about how you would like to feel. If there is a life situation in which you would like to generate change, evokethe values that are important to you. What would bring you more joy? Who are you when you feel good? What is it that you can give, and what feels good to receive from others? Who are you, and in your momentary state of being, what attitude supports the further co-creation of your life?


I am choosing a Tarot card, from this position: