We focus energy with our attention.

The Tarot can show us what we are investing energy in.

If we set a vision, it shows where to invest our energy.

But if we expect it to show the future, it can onlydisclose our feelings in relation to the future

A new approach: Creation-oriented concept of Tarot

Tarot and Conscious Co-creation

Tarot Modeling for Co-creation is the very practicing of this certainty while starting to realize who we really are.

Tarot Models

The Tarot is a tool that sees the underlying order of our choices, it speaks the language of our individual creation.

Birth of the method

For many years,whenever I took the Tarot into my hands, I was longing for the feelings of freedom, limitlessness, and oneness with self, to become more profound.

Dear Visitor,

This page – teremtotarot.hu – was created in order to introduce you to the possibility of a new use of Tarot, through Tarot Modeling for Co-creation („TTM”).

The essence of TTM is to strengthen your understandingabout your Self and your own created reality.

This website enables you to draw a card (in the Menu: Focus Setting, and Focus Setting button in the bottom of each card). Hence, you can gain insight about the way the symbols work, if you call upon the advice of the Tarotin your co-creation – which is co-creating together with all that is.

A direct path to the practice of focus setting for those who already are familiar with the essence of TTM: