VI. The Lovers

Everyone is able to perceive what or who they love, in other words, what is good for them. With a little practice or attention you can discern what your own choices are, and what are the ones that the world pinned on you. Currently, your challenge lies not so much in these recognitions, but in your ability to take on living your own story. The ostentative world always promises a lot. You may feel that it is a mistake to start going in a direction that is simply good for its own merit, or that is attracting you simply by itself, addressing you: „You called, I am here.” Passion is always more exciting than simple virtues. The persuasion of others can be much louder than you deciding, on the basis of your own recognition. The Lovers however, is precisely the card of the heart; and the task of your mind here is – unlike with other cases – not to diverge from your heart’s decision, even coincidentally.