Two of Swords

Your mission is to focus on what you don’t wish to see, on what you don’t want to notice, on what you are afraid of, and you would rather sweep it under the carpet, instead of beholding what the truth is. Do you need to block growth? In conscious creation we are empowered with essential abilities by surrendering, that is, when we are willing to face our own derailed creations, those that we cannot stand to even look at. You need to have courage; this is also part of your life. You may have, by mistake, misinterpreted several things, even the intentions of others, and so, perhaps the situation is not as bad as it seems. In any case, the card is showing that you are ready to rise above it: out of miscreation you can consciously reconstitute and fill your reality with feelings that are good for you. Love others and love yourself in the same way you expect to be loved.