IV. Emperor

Everyone who is aware of the sweetness of the clear manifestation of the Mother, also knows that it can only be maintained by the appreciation surrounding her. Like the Sun warming the Earth, so the masculine energy ceaselessly provides the conditions for the feminine energy. The Emperor’s symbol is an invitation to finetune our role as a father or the experiences of the Father living within us. This generates changes that are important in our relationships. The task of the Father is creating a safe and stable system, based on principles that represent truth. It can be applied to everyone and it guides everyone in their own roles, towards the appropriate direction. How does it feel to live within a system that is protective and also guides you with wisdom? One that is loving, yet there is teaching in this love? Life compels you to anchor what you desire, within a stable framework, but for this you need to form an image of the Inner Father which is protecting you against doubts, with the help of his dignity.